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Friday, June 24, 2011

Flex SDK 4.1 Installation Guide

To configure Flex4.1, we need to follow the following steps:
1.       Copy and Paste the Flex SDK4.1 from
2.       Open Eclipse
3.       Go to Window -> Preferences -> Flex -> Installed Flex SDKs
4.       Click on Add Button on this new window
5.       Enter the Flex SDK location like “D:\jitendra\Software\flex_sdk_4.1.0\4.1.0” and put any flex sdk name like “Flex 4.1” and click Ok button
6.       Click Apply and Ok Button
7.       Create a flex project in Eclipse
8.       Right click on the project -> Properties -> Flex Compiler
9.       Change the required Flash Player Version to 10.0.0
10.   Click Apply and Ok button
11.   If after compiling your project, the folder “html-template” is blank, then delete this folder and copy and paste the attached “html-template” folder.
Clean and build your project.

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